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Genuine MAN parts

MAN truck & bus Genuine parts

Find the complete range of genuine MAN parts, from nuts and bolts to complete engines, for all your repair and maintenance needs.

Genuine parts for trucks

Commercial trucks: LE / L2000, ME / M2000, FE / F2000, TGL, TGM, TGA, TGX / TGS 
Military trucks: HX, LX / FX, SX
Buses: Lion's City, city- and inter-city buses, Lion's Coach, Lion's Intercity
Neoplan: Tourliner, Tourliner C, Tourliner L, Cityliner, Cityliner C, Cityliner L, Skyliner C, Skyliner L, Starliner C, Starliner L
Engines: D0224, D0226, D0824, D0826, D08234, D0836, D2066, D2530, D2565, D2566, D2676, D2840, D2842, D2865, D2866, D2868, D2876, D3876, E0836, E2866, E2876, G2866, G2876, H2876
Marine Engines: D2676LE443, D2868LE426, D2676LE435, D2676LE425, D2868LE425, D2862LE425, D2862LE435, D2676LE434, D2676LE424, D2868LE424, D2862LE434, D2862LE444

Truck parts supplier

Note: this website uses the names, models, product types, part numbers, and other product information associated with the brands of original or non-original manufacturers solely for identification purposes. We are not official distributor of the mentioned manufacturers or owners of brand names.

We don't list all parts in our webshop. If you can't find something, simply send us an e-mail and one of our experts will get back to you with the quotation asap.